Welcome to the Tea House of Necessity

We've had some illustrious patrons in our time. Poor mad, bad, sad Vincent van Gogh spent time with us and graced our premises with some brilliant examples of art. Georg Cantor put in some time, too. But we're not all crazy here, most of the customers are regular folk in for tea.

The host here is the eminent author of a discussion of art and life: http://www.csus.edu/indiv/v/vonmeierk/noise.html


 The sharp, clear lines of definition
that we walk under the watchful eye
of the language cops
when we're stopped
after a night at the Socratic Cafe
become a fractal enigma in drunken sight
as we stagger
throught the magic night.

every one came
with stories of shame
at bottom the same
burned them in flame

we are one body
we are one body
oh oh oh
we are one body

No one to name
No one to blame
All part of the game
Always the same

we are one body
we are one body
oh oh oh
we are one body


There is revealed knowledge, then there is the cloak that people use to dress up that knowledge and, having done so, hang on to the cloak for fear of revealing their nakedness.

Ascisis of a Clay Flute

“The value of a pot is found in its emptiness.”   Lao Tzu  

Earth and Water

Fire and Air

Molded together

Fired with care

 Ready for Music

Played by Who?

Now you know,

It isn’t you.

With Emptiness

God’s Breath flows through.

Lao Zi Pot 

A flower faces toward the sun
whose sparkle in a shinning shard
attracts the crow and raven's eye
to treasures that they steal and guard.

Keep your eyes upon the prize
within the swirl of this wide world
avoid the glitter that shines and dies
with all those minds about it curled.

Rivers of tears

Drown in parched desert sands.

Tumbleweeds roll by.