Nasruddin stood with his donkey before the open gate of the city. "After you" he said.

The donkey brayed.

"No, please, you first" Nasruddin said.

Again the donkey brayed.

This continued for some time and a passing friend yelled out: "Stupid Nasruddin, you can't out-polite a donkey."

"I know that," Nasruddin replied, "but he keeps insisting."

Welcome to the Garden of Wisdom and Folly, two great entities who dance together and spin out the world in which we act so seriously. Who can say which is which, or where one slides into the other as if by magic. Welcome to the Mystery of Life which swirls and flows for both the wise and the foolish, delivering to each the experiences with which they build a world. But be sure to leave your donkey at the door, tie your horse to the hitching post before entering the saloon, and remember your manners in the Tea House of Necessity.